All SBDC workshops will be virtual until further notice

 Date Title    Time  Registration
10/1/2020 COVID Black Friday: Shore up Your Chain Supply 9-10:30 am Register
10/6/2020 COVID Black Friday: Engage Your Customers 9-10:30 am Register
10/8/2020 COVID Black Friday: Identify Your Customers 9-10:30 am Register
10/13/2020 COVID Black Friday: Plan Your Staffing Needs 9-10:30 Register
10/15/2020 Basic Financial Management 4-5:30 pm Register
10/17/2020 New Business Information Session 9-11:30 am Register
10/29/2020 The Art of Leverage: How to Use Debt to Create Cash Flow and Increase Profits 9:00-10:30 am Register
11/4/2020 New Business Information Webinar 6:30-8:30 pm Register
11/5/2020 Preparing for Year End: Closing your Books 9-10:30 am Register
11/19/2020 Recordkeeping for the Small Business 3-6 pm Register
11/21/2020 New Business Information Webinar 9-11:30 am Register